Wednesday, July 27, 2005

-->> Hoo boy !!
-- Combat Warriors,Combat Cruisers,and the new 3-part vehicle the Shell Striker are here.. the official TMNT toys page has been updated (click here!!)..

-- Also from the offical TMNT is news that the original TMNT flick is now on the PSP !! (Does look to be the full frame version tho' .. )

..PSPs are sweet ('ive licked a few)..n' really are a great picture to watch on the long bus trips. Not to bad a price for what everone considers the best TMNT movie of the brood ('cept me of coarse.. TMNT II was the best.. so i'd prolly better not get the lil' disc-pack cuz i'd just use it as a Big Gulp coaster..)



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