Wednesday, July 13, 2005

-->> !!

..Well's the big kah00nah of all comic cons.. n' tOkK's gonna be late than never !!

..don't worry tho'.. tOkKie will keep an eye out for TMNT newzies n' newbiez .. n' goodies !! All while he's showin' of his beaky dome n' portfolio to the big wig studio types.. (the kinds that make big time pichure books n' the big shows all the kids seem to love to a point ~!!~)

..wish me luck ,tOkKie D0rkos.. n' we'll see ya in a few days !!

Wish me luck n' break a beak (tho' i better not.. it's the only one i gots n' the only one i can eat pizza with )!!


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