Wednesday, April 27, 2005

-->>..don' worry,master.. just a lil' bit more scrubbin' with Lysol here n' i'll have that pee spot cleaned up in a good as new !! Look'it that shine !!

What the TMNT Cartoon lacks in the way of a tie-in comic book more than makes up for it on the book racks at your fave Barnes & Noble n' book shoppes everywhere !! Simon Spotlight (--Simon's TMNT list starts here) has a whole turtle-slop fest of books already out n' a buch more ready for your reading pleasure !!

The first novel 'Shadows Over ChinaTown' features an all new story by Mirage Faithful Steve Murphy and tight full-colour illustrations former Dream Wave scribe scribbler :Patrick

April befriends a fellow antique dealer : Wei Yang. However Wei Yang has run afoul n' a-FOOT of the Purple Dragons as they extort him for "protection" Money. April and the TMNT send Raph to Chinatown to watch over the old man and his shoppe. But where there's trouble with Purple Dragon's there's bound to be trouble far more sinister (and Shredder-ie). And in this case something magically sinister !!

.. a great quick read for both young and young at heart TMNT fans ..commin' at ya with all the bookmarks n' spikes this silly sinister-snapper can reccommend !!

(And when all ya gots is spikes.. you get holes in all yir books n' it takes ya awhile to figger out what's really givin' your books all them holes.. n' ain't the cock roaches,buddy !!)

-- Direct news from Mr.B and the TMNT offical slush-site :

"..We've been getting a lot of requests for Playmates Toys' release schedule, so here it is as it stands today (bear in mind that things often change):

* Currently scheduled for June release:

1) Gen

2) Feudal Shredder

3) Robo Huntin' Turtles

* Currently slated for release in mid to late July:

1) Mutant Copter

2) Sour Power Mutant Maker

3) Sewer Spewer

4) Stealth FX Weapons (no pix available)

5) Combat Warriors (I'm not sure what these are, I assume TMNT variants)

6) Combat Cruisers (The packaging at Toy Fair had the figs in the box with the bike, but perhaps they'll be sold separately - see above. Time will tell)

7) Monster Trappers

8) M.E.C.H. Wrekkers

* Currently scheduled for September release:

1) Mystic Fury TMNT

2) Karai

3) Minnetonka Mutant (toy based on a contest run by Playmates Toys - a roach-like mutant that features the face of the contest winner. No pix available, sorry.)

That's the scoop for now."

..n' that's all the floop n' figure flop that's fit ta poop..

.. i'm pooped.. see ya !!


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