Tuesday, April 19, 2005

-->>..gee whizz.. ya think the people at the Turtle packin' plant in China coulda wrapped this coard around my arms a lil' TIGHTER ?! Gee whizz !!..OWCH !!

..life's a b7tch n' then ya fly ..
..start checkin' your dollar stores and Walley-marts....the TMNT mini collection gets 4 new Turtles to add to the flyin' dockets.. and at just under 2 bucks a pop.. every lil' kid can skip on the corn flakes n' spend his money on these neat lil' Paratroops.. (sans the Koopas!!). Toss 'em up outside n' watch your Turtle gently & gracefully float down to the ninja ground to kick some F00T pah-toot !! (Hey.. don' take much to impress this simple minded snapper!!)

..tryin'' up loose ends..


..tOkK is tacklin' alot of bull crap lately.. sorry if i let the news slip here and there. My approach is to get even the teeniest bits of info even on a mundane or most awsome level when it come to your great GREEN GUYS..alas:
..yir snapper buddy is only inhuman so.. months ago i made a promise Steve Murphy editor on TALES and one of the big guys at Mirage ..i beleive in good causes..n' i do my best to keep my promises.. so ..:

..as reported in TALES of TMNT # 8::
Congrats to Melinda (KAZ) on naming the F-104 Wood Turtle !!

..the Turtle girl is named : Akemi (bright and beautiful in Japanese ..)
..the name the turtle contest is over (well maybe she needs a middle name..) but the Wood Turtle project still goes on.Donations can be made to :

The University of Massachusetts and sent to ::

Paul Sievert,Assistant Unit Leader- Wildlife.USGS,Massachusetts Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit Department of of Natural Resources Conservation

319 Holdsworth Hall.University of Massachusetts Amherst

Amherst,MA 01003-4220

..i'm doin' my best,folks.. things have been lookin' grim and grimmer..(so hard not to grimace.. my attention span is as short as my spikes are long.. (gee that was long winded..)..but i'll keep punchin' along with all the TMNT news that's used n' abused the best i can. ..

Chowderbunga, Meatballs !! (Oi-vey.. dat's deffly not Kosher !! )

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