Tuesday, April 05, 2005

-->> !!

..the Turtle stars are in alignment tonight !!

..Vivian Wu ('Princess Mitsu' of TMNT 3)sez..

"The bigger your dream is, the more you may achieve. So, just go ahead and never stop dreaming.."

..read more about the former famed rebel princess and the current exploits of one of tOkKa's favourte actresses and "Triumph of a `Shanghai Lady' .."

--..starting here from Shanghai Daily news

--..news via T-drome's N-turtle ..::

"Neil (also known as Shredder or Vegita-san) of Ninja Turtles Network recently did an interesting phone interview with James Avery, the original voice actor for the Shredder on the old TMNT show, so be sure to check that out(--click here..).."


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