Wednesday, January 26, 2005

BAH !!

-->>Raph is ALL excited about his new Planet Racer Space Cycle ..on loan from Godman Falcon (#23) himself ( Just like in the 'Planet Racers' Graphic Novel)!! 0- 65 M.P.H. the front and rear pneumatic forks split open to create 4 pollution-free hover jets to rise up into the cosmos to fly n' spy on the Battle Nexus at mach 12 !! All this techn0 shpiZZ courtesy of Donatello and the brainy Utroms !! Drako is extremely unimpressed..

..stick that up yir wind pipe n' smoke it !!

..doesn't bother Raph none!! Cuz it's nothin' a spring loaded - launch missle up the Drakonian's scaley arse couldn't fix.. those missles change attitudes n' put out the fires of Dragon-size egos..

..the Planet Racer Space Cycle and the Evil Foot Moto-Psycho are out now !! Get 'em quick before they speed off into the blazing saddles of a galactic sunset !!

-- Cool DVD Info courtesy of PrometheusUFO and Splint of T-drome ::

.. -TMNT '03 DVD's Vol. 15 & 16 - 3/15 & 4/26!!

The news finally broke regarding future volumes of the new TMNT Animated Series. Looks like we're going to start getting closer releases again as well, or at least I hope so. Volume 15: Ways of the Warrior - Alien Invasion and Volume 16: Ways of the Warrior - When Worlds Collide have been given release dates according to DVD Empire. No confirmations what episodes will be included on these volumes, but Vol 15 will likely include Episodes #54, #55, and #56. And Vol. 16 will likely include Episodes #57, #58, and #59. You can preorder both of them right now from DVD Empire at the following links. No artwork available for the DVD's as of yet, but probably in the next couple of weeks some will turn up.

--(4 info here)TMNT Vol 15: Ways of the Warrior - Alien Invasion

(more here)TMNT Vol 16: Ways of the Warrior - Worlds Collide


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