Saturday, January 29, 2005

-->>..oo babebeh !!

IGN takes a peek at the previous announcement of TMNT: Mutant Melee with some nifty lookin' screens and videos showin' the bashin' bros. & COmpany in action.. n' yeh.. you getta play as yir fave red head.. n' April can bust you UP !!

--IGN's sneek peeks >>start here on the X-box version of the game !!

-- Gamespot's previews start >>here !!

..Battle Nexus in 31 delicious Fighter flavours!!

--rounding out the Battle Nexus figs are rubbery 'Dark Assasin',big battle daddy ; 'Ultimate Daimyo', and purpley 'ButterFly Swords' or Zat as his mum calls him !!

..the only battler we have missing is Gen ..hopefully our Rhino amigo is due out soon.. in the mean time..check your pegs at your favourite store..some new Figs should be out ready for a good Turtle fight !!


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