Wednesday, January 05, 2005

-->> ..i won't be smilin' after i do an flipn'ollie out into traffic !!

Motorized Michelangelo FANS .. unite.. Crash n' Bach Mikey is hittin' store shelves now n' ..he flips n' twirls all dizzy like on his skaet board..then the whole thing stops n' the fun comes to a bloody end when he falls ..!! Look for it now!!

-- Mr. Berger at Ninja Turtles d0t com wants you to mee Battle Nexus contestant 'Zat' a.K.A. Butterfly Swords -(starting here !!)

-- ..also get to know the big boss of the Big Brawl who also doubles as Santa to the Bettle Nexus kids.."Ultimate Daimyo" -(starting here)..!!

--Forums?? .. yeh still working on it (Temp Forum is still up). I cannot thank you all for your support.. !!We're working on both Mike's end and mine to get things the way they were. It may look like tho' we're gonna have to go back to September 2004 (when the last saved database was filed..) .. meh.. we'll see.. please watch this space lil' tOkKa-toasters !!


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