Monday, January 03, 2005

-->>..hey ,keep it together..quit lookin' at my arse !!

..TMNT Boy ..(wait.. whom i kiddin' ..he's a MAN!!)..
Special thanks to TMNT-MAN for the cool tip-off on the new TMNT Mega Bloks sets..

The following links are to pixs of 2 of the "Shell Shock colletion" sets..:

--Space Lab / Mutations garage Front

--Space LAb/Mutations Garage Back

--Space Lab inside ( i really like this one cuz ya know Spazey tOkKa gets..)

..thanks for the tip TMNT-man..!!

--Thanks for your guy's patience in our little forum crisis.. i'll be contacting Mike today to see what's happening. I assume we'll be able to get things restored. I can't make any promises.. but Mike is so coolw hen it comes to stuff like stay tuned !!


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