Monday, January 17, 2005

-->>..i wouldn't use the new logo as a surf board,Mikey already tried it tho' n' hurt himself summin' awful on a wipeout !! Let's just say the '4' got him n' he's gonna have problems poopin' pizza for a couple weeks.. !!

If ya hadn't been on top of the FOX BOX lately'll soon find out she's gettin' a new makeover..officially on January 22 !!

4 KIDS TV rears her pretty head .. but don't worry.. you're fave shows are still all in tact.. --check Fox Box's web site, here..4 more info (isn't that cute..i used a 4 instead of a 'for'). Thanks to Dierna for the tip off !!

--Also ,help Leo in the surf on a brand new mission to save Master Splinter from the Foot Monsters !! -- Fun Flash game starts here !!

--TMNT Vol. 14 :City at War hits the streets on VHS and DVD this week..mixed up and outta order.. here's the big show everyone's been waiting for;the aftermath of the major defeat of SHREDDER !! Good luck,ghoolies !!


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