Friday, June 18, 2004

-->>..Reagan Lives !!..errrr wait..
The new NES Game Boy Advance SP is new and really hot !!
Bein' may wanna go vote in this NES Game Boy A Port survey (Starts here) !!
..why ?? Why would you care?? .. your a TMNT got yir fancy shamncy X box.. and you already got yir handy dandy GBA TMNT game..why you worried ??

Well are 2 reasons ::
TMNT 1 - NES ..


and TMNT 2: The Arcade Game !! (You can even vote for TMNT 3:The Manhattan Project and TMNT: Tournament Fighters if you go down to the drop down menu that says 'other' !!)

BOTH NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM Classics are up for vote on this survey and will determine future releases of thr Classic NES Series for GBA !!
As well as many other Classy and Classic NES games from the '80s and early '90s that showed who the boss really was on the video game block 'back in the day'..
And with the new GBA- NES classic series'll introduce a whole new genration to the best games of the best..that led to today's hard core bang-em-ups n' beat-em-ups !!

..take the quick survey and Vote TMNT and yir other faves..
..and check out ..The official Classic NES Series site (starting here) for a spit load of Retro fun!!
Tell 'em tOkKa sent ya !! wait.. don't tell 'em that.. i owe Goomba 50 bucks from like 11 months ago n' havn't paid him yet..n' well he's pretty angry with me.. so yeh.. don't talk to him while he's on that high !!

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