Friday, June 25, 2004

-->> ..Nuh uh..
..the wonderful and wickit; Sanjuro Tsubaki has submitted
hi-quality,direct audio Mp3 tracks from TMNT movie 1.. not just the soundtrack..but really cool rips with the vocal audio from the actors..(like Judith Hoag doing April's report !!)
.. these tracks are highly recommended & are only available right here on Mikey's to Download to yir heart's content ::

Added to the Miscellaneous Music Library the tracks are::

-- Back to the Sewers
-- Opening Theme
-- Raphael's Anger Management
-- Raphael's Recovery
-- Silent Crime Wave
-- Splinter Speaks

..and you can find them all by clicking here !!

..thanks again.. SO MUCH , SANJ !!

--..oo mah back !!
..NOW HITTIN' n' jumpin' off the pegs :: Ninja Action TMNTs are in stores now !!
..and Ninja Turtle's cool pic archive of the new flippy figs..start here..,Thanks, Ninja Turtle !!

-- Mr. B's Official TMNT d0t com updates start here.. with comic strips and Bry Kat's pix (as reported earlier) of the TMNT ooze cans !! In the U.K. as well eesh!!


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