Sunday, June 20, 2004

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.. the 'Spaze Caze' comic has been up for awhile now..however i'd not announced it just cuz i wanted to make sure he was working as well as he could ..well i think now we're ready..

.."during one of the great wars of the 'tanks vs. the invaders' (Commencing scince 1978 A.D.) .. a lone ship drops off a solitary invader well beyond Roswell and from any governments'and medias' knowledge of such supposed conspiracies..the schizophrenic alien known only as the 'Spaze Caze' abandoned amoungst the inhabitants of earth to fend for himself at his own devices. If left behind for his own protection or for something far more insidious, nothing is clear...for even Spaze does not know his true origins. One thing is's very difficult to adjust to the planet known as Earth. Despite his disposition in his new home..Spaze Caze tries to adjust. As if it wasn't hard enough being a schizo in the galaxy.. inner space and outter space,is there room on Earth for the 'Spaze Caze' ?? Interstellar schizophrenia.. --"

.. the invasion starts here !!..

.. i will try to make a comic as often as i can. Due to time constraints and demand on the web,Mikey's TMNT, and Real life ..i will announce new comics on !!terrible2z and on Mikey's TMNT as new episodes are produced.. ENJOY !! any feedback is welcome !!

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