Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Hey everyone.

If you've not purchased TMNT Vol. 1 and 2, it's definately worth the money, even tho I regret buying them just yet with the box set coming out very soon! Argh, the temptation of buying Vol. 3 and 4 and buying the box set too!

If anything, check out the interviews with Peter Laird. I REALLY wish they would release TMNT: THe Movie the DVD tho, you know? Well, as a special edition, anyways. An interview session, unedited almost, and a commentary by Peter Laird would be s-s-s-s-uper.

Welpers, This Week's Comic is Up...

Also, Lately, I've been really working on some different things here and there, and one of them is doing a parody, one with love, of course, to the TMNT, with my own comic strip. So, soon expect an image by the end of November, done entirely by me, just for you guys here at Mikey's TMNT. Mike's been really nice to allow me to still post my thoughts of the TMNT and link my site up still AND you all come out and give the site a shout out too, so consider it a nice little payback just for you TMNT fans. ;-) With that said, check out the new comic, and have a good day gang! Ciao!


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