Thursday, September 18, 2003

..o sh6t!! i forgot!! @
'GAME NOW' magazine was out on the stands at the store yesterday night.. i saw a little Raph in the corner of the cover..the article in the mag gave a one page preview of the game with some really good lookin' pix!!
..there is a little blurb-box on the side insisting that next month's (October) issue will be totally devoted to TMNT and that they will be on the cover and thru-out th whole ish.. so.
I'll give you the heads up now.. keep an eye out for 'Game Now' magazine..which is a damm swell gamin' mag in the first place.. well.. i'm off!! .. cU NEXT updatEE-0!! 8)
.. >v<

-->> .. guess i spoke too soon!!..
..Mikey's back in super Her0 toy garb.. go see..'Turtle Titan!!'

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