Friday, September 19, 2003

-->>..Hmmpph mpph phhrrr!!
..almost time to thrill n' crank out the Jack-0-lantern buckets*.. n' get dressed up like freeks* n' wander aroud the block aimlessly in the hopes some feeble strangers will honour your candy bucket with wonderous presents n' sweet things hopefully not laiden with sharp objects and poison..'s almost HALLOWEEN ..!!

'Hollywood Costumes' has all the wares for ya online turtle wannabes and soon-to-BEs ..if anything..check out the links fer pirty pictures of the Turtle 'LEO'-tards..(wait that pun didn't sound right).. then head to your nearest super store ..(Kmart,Targets, ) so you can shell-AKK the competition on Ghost night with the coolest costumes on this side of the sewer..!!
..blow some bubbles..!!
*..all references to 'thrill-ers', 'Jack-0','freeks','strangers',and 'candy'.. are purly coincedental.. and should not hinder one from taking full advantage of the sweet-toothed opportunities of October the 31st.. but i sugest staying away from 'neverland' ..

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