Friday, September 26, 2003

..Mirth n' grrr.. ..

..DreamWave's..LeSean .. gave
..T-drome forumERS.. the dibs on DW..TMNT #7..

here's the preview up at DW's coming soon section on their website!!!

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles # 7

Written by Peter David & Penciled by LeSean
Cover Skottie Young!

Continuing the all-new story-arc! Things look grim for Dheeraj, a martial arts master and the Turtles’ newest companion. The Thungee street gang has given him an ultimatum: join their ranks…or suffer their wrath! It sounds like a little green-skinned intervention may be in order… don’t miss all the karate/ninjitsu action!!" -LeAean

.. there's the sc00p,dupes!! ..
..**special thanks to T-drome's 'NTurtle' .. who has just been really damm good to me with news and info regarding TMNT thingeys.. so..i'd like to give him a shout-out,thank you , and a pre-fight donut.. THANKS,NTURTLE!! 8) @@!!

..nuMMnumms!! .. ..

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