Monday, September 01, 2003

.. Mous-ISH..

..hey,Mikey.. you get 'em??
..i guess the Target ad was right..(what the h3ll do i know??) ..Volumes 1 & 2.. of the DVD/VHS.. 4-kids 'TMNT' release are out now.. the SRP is like $$16.95 ..but my ticket shows 12.99.. so 13 is the lucky number for both discs..(VHS was $$9.99) ..i would imagine that price range will remain consistant at most stores..
the features alone are worth it tho.. gah.. DVD Features:

".. interview with TMNT co-creater Peter Laird (really vocal guy..>8] ..), The Making of the New Turtles, Behind the Scenes Footage, Totally made-up News Team skits from the Fox Box promos, Konami Video Game Previews".. and even the Animatic process and toy commercial spots i'd not's ch0K full o' goods. The cartoons themselves are nice and clean..actually..they look even more 'Bright' and crisp than when they are delivered to ya on Saturday morning.. so.. these Vids come with t0kK's highest -tardPr00f recommendation.. i give it 4 AND 3/4 SPIKES!!

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