Wednesday, June 11, 2003


Howdy folks,

First off, the bad news: our server computer has gone haywire and it looks like it will need to be replaced and possibly relocated - this is going to cause alotta problems, so the site will periodically be down, run slow, have broken links and other general (and not so general) troubles for the next week or two. I can't even access it to update files at the moment, so I don't know when our next update will be. Hopefully we'll have it worked out by next Friday. Knock on plastron!

Fortunately our mail should be unaffected by the server's trouble.

Disappointing news: the production work being done by Hallmark for the live action TMNT mini-series that was slated to appear in 2004 has gone into hiatus while Hallmark negotiates an air date with ABC.

News about the new cartoon series: the season finale, "The Shredder Strikes Back" Part 2 will air this Saturday, June 14. Fox Box will then show repeats over the summer and the final 8 episodes will appear in the Fall. The 9:00 AM EST "TMNT repeat" time slot will be replaced with another show over the summer. Season Two will begin sometime in 2004, but a definitve date hasn't been set as of yet. Work has begun on the scripts for Season Two, approximately 7 scripts have already been completed.

4Kids Entertainment will begin releasing DVDs of Season One this September. The current ship date is set for September 2, but this is subject to change. 4Kids came to Mirage Studios and interviewed Peter Laird and some of the Mirage artists to include as bonus footage to the DVDs. I haven't been given any additional info about the format yet - but 4Kids has been releasing two episodes per DVD of other series, so it's possible that they'll follow this strategy with the TMNT (and it's possible that they won't :)

We've been getting alotta questions about TMNT 4 again. To quell the rumors, the old Digital Rim/John Woo CG project is still canceled. A new rumor about 4Kids producing an animated feature film is just a rumor at this point - we have'nt heard anything about this from the dudes at 4Kids. Perhaps someone in Cyberville heard about the DVDs and thought this was a film project - I don't know - but it ain't happenin' (at least not yet - who knows what the future may bring :)

That's all for now. Have a great week!

Dan Berger
Mirage Studios' Official Web Site Dude

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