Friday, June 06, 2003

Hey everyone.

First off, in TMNT video game related news, if your local magazine retailer features this mag, or you can go to Gamestop, and check it out. It's the official Gamestop magazine (I know a few Walden Books here in Columbus carries them as well...) but the magazine is called 'GAMEINFORMER" and features a few new scans of the TMNT game that are NOT featured yet on the web, as far as I've seen. Also it features a few new more things that Mirage or the info on gaming sites have yet to include (specially those who played the game at E3 in which I heard the premiere of the game got rave reviews and a standing ovation the first day of E3 despite some skeptics...)

Pretty much, the game as seen in some of the screenshots at, you can play 2 player like the old arcade game in 3-d Ninja Turtle butt kickin action, BUT as the game progresses and you learn more "secret moves" you can also call upon your brothers as a whole, and do team combos. So all four turtles will be on the screen fighting at the same time! Sure, they'll be A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) but how sweet is that!? Also if you own one of the 'big three' systems and wonder about secret easter eggs and surprises, the team behind the game told the magazine not to worry, for the XBox, PS2 and Gamecube will have the same content for now, but slowly the Development Team is working to change that. Such as, hidden elements for the Gameboy Advance will be hidden in the Cube, and vice versa and some will have hidden clips in one game, etc.

So the game is gonna be a winner for anyone!! I'm physched! So the magazine: GAMEINFORMER, and the page number is 62. Check it out!

Sorry about rambling. I love the TMNT games tho and I can't wait. Moving along...

is THIS WEEK'S STRIP. Featuring Raph again from the fab four, I decided to throw caution to the wind and try some continunity yet again. Does it work? You be the judge. :)

I hope everyone has a good weekend and tomorrow is I hope, another new TMNT episode!


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