Tuesday, June 10, 2003

-->> ..Y0U make his site 'super' !! ..

-..Comic con -pulse TMNT animation preview here from HT !!.."

.. as an outcast from turtle communities and fandoms in general.. tOkK is left grovelling and digging up the TMNT news on his lonesome.. more than 1/2 the time..
.. for those wonderful few with a special TMNT tip OFF of news worthy NEWSIES or TMNT spottings.. drop me a line please @
.. full credit will be given as well as instant linkage to your web site (if applicable) for such wonderful fandom help..
.. tOkK needs your help.. send tippies my way.. and i'll do my best to make it worth your while.. an behalf of Mikey,Powdered Toast Man.. and myself.. i thank YOU!! 8) .. now back to me groveling..
.. >v<

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