Saturday, June 14, 2003

Do you know what today is? If not, I'm sure Ashley can tell you in this week's strip, by clicking here. I gotten a few responses about the last few comic book related comic strips and everyone seems to enjoy them. So expect to see Raph, Wolvie and Spidey in some form or another return eventually! :-) Thanks for e-mailing me. E-mailing me makes me feel special inside. But what makes me even MORE special inside, is if you voted for my webcomic at Top Web Comics. You can vote once a day, and help D4K reach a whole new level of cool that Michaelangelo would respect!

Also to note: Javvi digitally inked a picturefor me a long time ago and of course it ROCKS! It's here, and it's tied to my novella "The Fall of the Foot Clan".

Enjoy, gang!

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