Saturday, March 08, 2003

-->> Whoopee freekin' scooby doo!!

TMNT official fishy updates..

..look i'm a turtle logo.. n' i AM cleaver..look.. see.. my legs are actually swords.. isn't that cleaver.. n' my shell is a ying-yang.. i am so SOOOOOO  cool..        kill me..

(1)NEW yin/yan.. TMNT wallpaer desktop stuff.-click here..

(2>Updates to the TMNT vol. 1 there..

(3)any OTHER TMNT updates.. i'm just way to freekin' fried to post here are at this link right here....not HERE ..there!!..

..and this announcement from DAN 'B-I-N-G-O n' Bingo was his NAME-o' Berger..TMNT web dude..::for you people heading North -east or livin' up there..

Peter Laird and most of the Mirage crew will be doing a rare signing at That's Entertainment in Worcester, Massachusetts on Saturday March 22 from 1 PM to 5 PM. Joining Peter will be Michael Dooney (TMNT cover painter and style guide artist), Jim Lawson (TMNT penciler), Eric Talbot (TMNT inker) and Dan Berger (TMNT gopher and web dude). For those of you in the area or willing ot make the trek, here's TE!'s address:

That's Entertainment
244 Park Avenue (Route 9)
Worcester, MA 01609
Fax: 508-754-3882

.. >v<

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