Saturday, March 15, 2003

-->> ..O' p00p..

..the Forums are down ..Mike is workin' with the web company on the problem so take heed happy posters ..don't play any swan song's just yet..

..but if you want to learn about some cool TMNT show music bites..

Click here for 'NT NETWORK's Interview with ..'John Seigler'..

'4 Kids ' Productions Music director as well as producer/composer for Turtle toons on the new
show!! .. Way to go, Neil V.!!

-->> ..Nick-0 fer got to mention this..

..below is somethng we just got in yesterday -- one of four photos of the sculpt for the second in Playmates' series of limited-edition cold-cast TMNT sculptures; this time up: Michelangelo, master of the nunchaku! Pretty freakin' cool.. i also want all of you ta know i smell like rotten pork,i eat cut lil' fuzzy bunny rabbit feet n' i got an ego the size of Rhose Island X 10million!!* -Peter Laird

..Pizza Plaster P0wer!!..

*..that is an actual quote from Peter Laird.. honestly it really is!! Would i lie to you??

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