Friday, March 21, 2003

-->>.. NEXT WAVE..'ll do a flipple ollie offa back rim into the gutter pile of the 4th quadrant of a tadpole.. 50 bucks says i'll make it??   Ya with me?? huh??  Are ya??

..EXTREME SPORTS TMNT's concept SKETCHES & Final Sculpts..

..see..we lied to you the whole time.. we're not really green.. WE'RE RUST !! HAHAHAAHAAAHA!! 'GET MEAN WITH THE RUST!!'.. ah..p00p.... you need 52 more variants of the Grusome Foursome.. but hey.. it keeps Mirage in the Green.. and the TMNTs in the rust (colour).. don't beleive me?? Check out the final sculpts. pretty tight!! 8)

..all other official TMNT Beger Boy Updates are click here.. ya right here.. where it sez 'here' at least 3 times.. yeah.. here.. no that's 4... .. ah ph00ey!!


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