Tuesday, March 11, 2003

-->> FLEER CARDS out MARCH 28 th!!

..i get the bubble gum..   ::NO ..i do..i called it first!!   ::  N0 way fodder face ..i get it.. ::Aw yir muther rides a vacumm cleaner.. ..:: I never knew my mother.. **Waaahhaaaa.

..Fleer/SkyBox's TMNT 2003 Trading Cards..~~!!

..click the link for the 'Fleer' site.. the skinny on the cards.. and a store locator...

.. to shell out the clams & add to yir ol' dusty collection of Garbage Pail Kids & PokEmon cards..

..lookit me!! i', cool.. i'm jumping out of a can of 'oooze'.. yeah.. really..  cool..    yeh.. sure..   kill me..

..Green OOZE Cards?? .. a dream come true!! WOWOWOWOW!! 8D


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