Monday, July 28, 2008

Tokka, You Rock!

Tokka, You Rock!
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-->> ..hey, Gang..

con this year was fast, furious, and as usual insane.

Takin' COn- hardcore is just my style, for years it's also been my major source 'JOB SEEKING' ( you know how bad Snapper has wanted forever to get stuck out of this rut he's been in and it just is not ever easy. Bein' stuck in your terrible2z and and wanting so bad to make a difference in one's life and in the world are entirely different things. So much hard effort and a whirlwind schedule has made this short, &special little time exceptionally emotional, intense, memorable and hopefully worthwhile.

Let me catch up to things here as i am slowly recovering from a fast flight and a quick trip , get myself together, and gear up to help Mikey's celebrate the biggest TMNT Shellebration year ever !!

Special thanks to Rob @ **Peppercom (( ** Click here for his offical TMNT Flick R Account !! )) !!

I was thrilled to meet you and your Bunga Crew !! you guys had allot killer energy and worked so hard to make the CON so much fun for all !!

Thanks again , guys !!

I'll be back to blog in a bit, Tokkie -
pokies .


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