Sunday, July 13, 2008

-->> ..quick Sunday Round-up !!

-- ** Official TMNT site updates about the ' Books of the Future' ..( and a suprize announcement about a certain ' Cowlick ') !!

TMNT Adventures Special - Spring 1993  :: 'What Bovines say ' -.. art by Milton Knight (( 1993 ))

NECA TMNT // SDCC -  TMNT Black / White signed by Peter Laird Round ii [[ Courtesy of S. Murphy ]]

-- The following courtesy of Steve Murphy ::

"Been a long strange week here at Mirage: loads of product approvals; tons of product samples (65 boxes from Playmates alone; haven't had a chance to open a single one yet); two partial days of movie sequel related meetings (no, nothing set in stone, nor anything that can be shared); and a big problem at Chinese customs (as follows).

As you may know from reading this and Peter Laird's blog, Pete agreed to sign and do a head sketch on 500 postcard-sized inserts for NECA's exclusive SDCC TMNT black and white 4-pack, said cards to be inserted into the packaging of each set. Apparently the cards are stuck at Chinese customs and unable to be inserted into the packages in time for SDCC, so NECA had to go through the process of getting another 500 cards printed and overnighted here to Mirage, where Pete obligingly took a break from playing with his new toy in order to sign and draw head sketches on them all. Now the cards are being overnighted back to NECA for insertion into the figure packs, but on US soil, not Chinese. Everything should now be all set for San Diego."

- ..and be sure to check out the cool TMNT Passports available at this years S D Con !! (( **Click Here ))

-- Via **Rosemary and Hans ..

" Check out this awesome, homemade TMNT manhole cover that Hans made!

Here's what Hans has to say about it:

' My name is Hans and I've been an avid Turtle fan since the 80s. With the 25th Anniversary coming up I'm redecorating one of my bedrooms. I've come up with some great ideas and thought I'd just share one with you and anyone who would be interested if you decided to post it. If you look at the attached file, I made a custom mahole cover out of plywood, woodburning, paint, and plenty of free time. It took a couple days and the pics dont do justice. I'd recommend it as a fun craft project, plus it looks great on display. I only recommend patience and safety with the saw and woodburning! .. '

** You can take a look at the progress pictures of the manhole cover here. I think it's just fantastic! " -- Rose


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