Tuesday, July 15, 2008

-->> Courtesy of V.Michael .. ::

"So reports came in last week that a new line of Playmates TMNT figures was released in the California area at Toys R Us, well I'm happy to announce one week later they've reached the East Coast here in Pittsburgh,PA.
Well Turtles themselves have arrived but the 2 bad guys a Mole Man & a winged Spider Creature where nowhere to be seen, trust me I looked all over the isle. It's such a shame because those where the 2 I'm interested in, but I must admit that some of these while simple movie figures with outfits sculpted over them are really cool especially Mikey for once which is shocking.

I must apologize for the bad photos they had been taken with my cell phone as I do not plan to buy these. I give this entire lineup of figures 6 Shells out of a possible 10 shells, because it's almost there in the coolness factor and with interesting and detailed bad guys but the turtles just aren't there yet. I'm still sticking to my thought that the new Mini-Mutant line is where it's at, if only they put that much care into the large line."

-- The following courtesy of Steve Murphy ::


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