Thursday, October 11, 2007

-->> Talbot's Spooky Leo rears his head .. n' other haunted pizza bits an other wise weak news week !! ::

- The one and only Mikey (( that put the "Mikey" in Mikey's TMNT )) is featured in a new multimedia Photo essay !!

for the killer fun essay !!

- Excellent tip offs and eye candies ((more treats than tricks)) from my pal Roseangelo ::

- Tales of the TMNT Collected Book #4 Bookplate info .."Here's a look at the bookplate you'll receive if you purchase Tales of the TMNT the Collected Books Volume 4 from" ((**Click here))

- **Tales of the TMNT #43 info ((February, 2008 listing))**

- **Tales of the TMNT: Collected Book 5 info ((February, 2008 listing)).. ..**more info also here @

- Thank the great turtle for friends like Rose to remind me to check in on the ghoulish brain of Mirage's resident Boogeyman Booger Brain :Eric Talbot ..more often than not..his art blog will bring back Heroic Turtle Terrors to the Beakie Bubble Boy's beady little peepers.. ::like your favourite Half-shell heroes well as other Groovie Ghoulies ..all manifested from the creepy claws of one of the most inspiring Zombie Tooner Toonists this side of the Pizzaface's Anchovie Cemetary n' Fishy Memoratorium.. !!

** Leo sees you .. ((**Click))

** Turtles, Hellboys and heroes !! ((**Click))

- My freeky ,frizzled Krang fan n; friend Vaughn Michael is cleaning up his stock of ├╝ber-rare vintage TMNT & Power Ranger toys, n' figs. With a rating of 100 % Vaughn is one of the most trusted sellers on Ebay ((i'd know.. i've purchased classic Turtle figs from him myself !!)). Items for sale are in good collector quality. And all sales go to a good cause.

**Click here for V.M.'s main Ebay listing.. !!

Current items include the elusive P.R. Zeo baddie.. Rita Repulsa's icky bonehead brother ** Rito Revolto , and the Zeo Ranger monster:: The Poppin' punchin' problematic power punk ** Punch-a-bunch

Keep an eye on this REALpower seller for more great items !!

- A few weeks back i jumped the shark a bit .. ((tho' it was a TMNT related news)) and reported on **Marvel Toy's Legendary Comic Book Heros line. Picking up where the famous Marvel Legends figures left off..but this time featuring classic indy comic heroes from the past 15 years plus including past Turtle cross-over favourites like Vangaurd & Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon.

The new line is incredible..and actually had me reflecting on the original Savage Dragon toys from Playmates released in 1996 along with the now infamous Jim Lee's TMNT figures. However ..there was one Dragon i forgot about. One figure so cool's worth mentioning even now !!

2002 .. to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Image Comics and the core artists and titles that helped bring the comapny that changed the face of comic forever .. McFarlane Toys released a set of action figures of four of the original Image Comics heroes. Save Dragon was one of those four special releases.

Originally only available through Diamond.. the line consisted of Spawn,Ripclaw,Shadowhawk,and S.D. ..and are now seen sometimes popping up online and on Ebay. While a bit less articulated the current Marvel figure.. the McFarlane release is massive. McFarlane's Artisans even made my beak drop with how impressive the figure looks with his powerful fighting stance. To scale at around 7"-8" with the current Spawn toys and even the TMNT movie toys. You may be interested in taking a look at this impressive Green Teen Team Tower and Friend if you missed him the first time around.

** Image 10th Anniversary Figure gallery starts here..

** While Dragon's 10th Anniversary figure and Quick Time movie Turn-around gallery are here !! **


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