Friday, October 05, 2007

..i need a thicker neck,NECA !!
It's NECA TIME ..~~ **

-->> thanks to Cyn and Roseangelo for the heads up to my beaky brain.. ::

From **Murphy >:: "Here's a glimpse of NECA's first TMNT sculpt submission. As you can see, it is totally right on with regards to the way the TMNT looked in the first Mirage comic. PL was thrilled too, and had only one minor change to suggest with regards to the neck (not entirely visible here), asking that it be either shortened or thickened by about 20%.

Off to a great start!"



.. tOkKa posted in accordence ..

"..most of the basic NECA figures of all their licences usually range from 7 - 10" scale 'pending on the character and the needs of a particular licence.

.. These figures should be to scale .. to the current TMNT Movie line by Playmates. I spect tho' ..the Turtles themselves may be a tad shorter than the movie figs.

The TMNT headknockers.. if those are go .. will be a neace weighty resin about 6 - 7" in scale as well..

..NECA is noted for it's detail and styling as well has been acknowledged and awarded ..

..we are talking about 'MC Farlane' style quality .. and better.

So .. this is the tip of the iceberg ..

and if you already enjoy NECA product.. you already know that this just isn't potentially gonna be good.


.. so there.. "

- TMNT Fast Forward Halloween Costume Alert courtesy of Roseangelo.. !! **


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