Thursday, April 26, 2007

-->> ..oi ..sorry..i fell in the toilet over the weekend.. n' ended up poppin' my noggin' outta Donald Trump's golden plated crapper !!

Luckily ..D.T.'s Tower Crapper security team escorted me back to the nearest manhole sewer entrance ((i was fired..)). So here i am .. with 'nuther round up for ya. Did you know D.T. uses $100 dollar bills for toilet paper !! ?? Sadly i was thrown outta the golden throne before i could raid the janitors' closet. D4mm !! >8*{ .. .

Maybe next time i'll get lucky and end up in Rosie's crapper.. err wait'a sec.. -BAH-B'-WAH..WAH WAAAHHHHH?! .. - - umm heyyyyy!! .. so much to cover ..!! XD

-- Official Site updates from the past several days from Dan B. !! ::

- Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) for Episode #118 "Future Shellshock!" **Click.

-Mark sent in the following info:

Here is an article, "Imagi: Making of TMNT" from a Hong Kong CG website:

**Click for Article -

** Click for translated version of the article..

-Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) for (**CLICK)Episode #103 "Good Genes Part" II and the extended synopsis (unfortunately no screenshots as it hasn't been released on DVD) for (**CLICK)Episode #104 "The Ninja Tribunal".

-Michael sent in this report (from April 19 ~t):

This week Target stores will be getting Ninja Turtle adult men tees featuring Michael Dooney's artwork from 2003! And next week Turtles tees will be $8.88 (or $10.88 for 2XL)!

- **Posted the preview for TMNT - Official Movie Adaptation.

- **Check out this wicked cool Brazilian TMNT movie promo on

- Jennifer sent in the following info:

In Belgium the fastfood chain Quick has four figures to collect of TMNT. These are different ones than the figures McDonalds has:


NEWS,NOTES,ARTICLES .. ect. ect. ::

- Writer Jake Black on a tip from Hero :: "The secret is out! In the UK-published magazine that will feature stories set in the universe of the new TMNT cartoon "Fast Forward" (for which I've written two stories thus far...) will also appear colorized versions of the movie prequel comics I wrote -- Mikey and April. Very fun!" ((This is a monthly publication.. more info soon. ~t))

- Special notes from the past week from to Nacho regarding the TMNT film !!::

Nacho:: "my friends in mexico have told me that the movie is a success over there, the same in venezuela.

i still need to talk with my friends in colombia, chile and costa rica.

in mexico, people where selling action figures and others tmnt stuff and in a couple of hours all the items were sold!

we have seen that a good part of the audience is not only the parents with kids but young and adults without kids, so i hope kevin munroe can think of a movie rated pg 13.

and talking about kevin munroe: ((as posted prior ..~tOkK))

u can see there some pics regarding

the premiere in venezuela and some videos in youtube with the turtles promoting the movie. u can see leo and company dancing reggaeton! ..

this is the link:**Click"

** Click here for Translation ..

((Nach also has pix and promo info for Venezuela's TMNT McDonald's promotion,DVD info on TMNT ,promo vids,poster pix and Nacho and friends caught up in the excitement of the new Turtles film !! cool..THNAK YOU ,NACHO ))

..also ..

"Check the promo of the new tmnt movie in brazil:

- **Click **

and these ones in venezuela:

** Click**

**Click **


- Thanks to this Mobil-news ..via of Hero & PocketGamer ::

TMNT: Fast Forward Mobile/Cell Phone game

Hero: "Looks pretty decent Smile There are three screenshots on that link but no gameplay info so far but the gameing style is pretty obvious. Raph's level looks interesting." ..

**Click for info and tiny tiny screenshots..eesh !!

- Purple Dragon site !!

From Kismet ::

.."a little homage to the Purple Dragons, since I've seen no PD

** Click -

Hope you get a smile out of it. .. "


- A discovery from Sketch @ Toone Zone .. ::
.. pretty decent and balanced article on 'All you need to know about recent TMNT console games' in case ya been outta the Turtle Vid-game loop the past few years..

..i mean decent if yir a Turtle outsider kinda just entering into the wonderful n' weird realm that is TMNT-Video Game fandom..((or just a generally mixed up gamer like me..)) ::

** CLICK - Click **

- Another K.Munroe interview courtesy of GW, and Kitsune .. 8) ::

@ ** Click ..

- Thanks to A.Modeen

A.M.: " .. Not sure if this is old news or not, but it was posted
on April 9th.

** click

I quote Kevin Munroe on his ideas for the sequel in
the interview : "Okay, Pete, they time-travel back,
and they go to Mayan culture, and they fight aliens,
who just happen to be teleporting back at the same
time." .. .."

!! ??

- Shred and Krang fromT-drome::

SHRED:TMNT Giveway Winners! BBC Looking for UK TMNT Fans for Documentary
Congratulations to the following winners in our TMNT Movie Giveaway:

1st Prize: Ken Wiesedeppe
2nd Prize: Wenrog
3rd Prize: mikey2007

1st Runners-Up: Sharon Boyle, Michael Bradley, Christine Aguiar
2nd Runners-Up: William Causey, Daunt, JohnnyBlaze, Cindy Allen, Tazukie Fearon

We will be mailing out the prizes within the next few days. Thanks again to everyone for participating!

Also, we have been contacted by the BBC regarding an upcoming documentary about the history of children's television. They are looking for TMNT fans in the UK who grew up watching the Turtles and buying TMNT merchandise to share their memories. If this applies to you and you're interested, please **email either Krang or me as soon as possible, so we can put you in contact with them. Thank you!

Krang: .."Unfortunately, we ran into a small problem that prevented us from shipping the packages when we planned to. That should be resolved very soon, though, so we will still be shipping the prizes within the next few days. .. ..


.. we forgot to mention that the deadline for the BBC Documentary was Friday (I think Shredder covered that in the forum announcement that was posted here, but that was set to expire on Friday)..

BTW, to the winners of the contest, sorry for the delay, but the prizes have been shipped! I'll be sending emails tomorrow with the tracking numbers for those that have them. .. "

.. >v<

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