Thursday, April 12, 2007

..sorry ,tOkKie-spiky pokies.. been a long week so ,umm!! Here's another TMNT news Round-up to wet ya' whistles for the weekend ..with a look at all the news from the past week's news i can manage to pull outta my plastron and my training bra.

..err i mean .. hey wait just second here.. umm .. -- !! Look over there < < -- IT's PAT MORITA !! .. o wait.. that won't work .. ummmm ok , here's the news !! ::

- Summin' very cool in from my pal ; Wes of Scary Crayon fame ..::

WES::".. here's a link to the review of TMNT: Manhattan Missions (( one of the Rarest TMNT vid- games.. that also happens to be amongst the very coolest !! ~tOKK)) that I just posted on Scary-Crayon:

(**Click )..

Do let me know what you think -- and if you do end up giving the game a try (or have already played it), I'd love to hear what you think! .. .. "

- Thanks to LEX for this !! :: Lex: ".. i love reading random things on MSN.
this one is about why some shows have lasted and lasted.
and who's on the first page?
none other then our guys.
how sweet is that?!

anyhoo, reading the entire article is pretty cool. :) some fun shows to reminisce about!"


- The following landed on the top of a pile of emails in my inbox this past week **AND IT MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR YOUNGER VIEWERS ..!! **..From my buddy ,Zac :: "A review of TMNT3 with lots of swearing ..

** Click- .. part one

**Click - two

Hope you like them/relate to them. =3

- Here's my dawggie, Nacho reportin' in from South America with TMNT movie news ..!! ::

Nacho : ".. my friends in mexico have told me that the movie is a success over there, the same in venezuela.

i still need to talk with my friends in colombia, chile and costa rica.

in mexico, people where selling action figures and others tmnt stuff and in a couple of hours all the items were sold!

we have seen that a good part of the audience is not only the parents with kids but young and adults without kids, so i hope kevin munroe can think of a movie rated pg 13...

and talking about kevin munroe: ((Article regarding Munroe's take on the future of TMNT 5 and the Shredder !! ~t))

**Click - .. "

- Left-overs from weeks ago i kept putting off ((so sorry ..))from the infamous Vaughn Michael :: odd TMNT FF poster from the last Toy Fare ..

..and Vaughn's equally infamous review of the TMNT movie ((May not be suitable for younger readers.. !!)) :

** Click here !!

- Danny B.'s official TMNT site is takin' in alotta new visitors and has been so durn buzy .. but he did add on Friday the 13th this.. ::

.." ((**CLICK..))Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) from Episode #102 "Good Genes Part I". .."

..more as i go along here.. >v<

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