Friday, April 06, 2007

-->> time t'loose !! April showers ..Max Winter towers !! Yow Yow Yaotl ..tippe yippie aye ehhhh!! ..err..i mean time for another TMNT ROUND-up ..

-TMNT Box office stats for this week courtesy of Cyn ::


Cyn::"Okay-- as of this post, and if you look at this carefully, though the guys are in like 6th place-- TMNT is AHEAD of Meet the Robinsons in total box office-- and not that d4MM far behind Blades of Glory!

Of course, the weekend is almost here, and that will change... but STILL!!!

OH-- and as of Thursday, they've earned $41 million domestic and $50 million world-wide!!!! "

-From writin' wrangler, Jake Black..::

Jake::First things first, talked to Mirage, and they are pretty certain that the Donatello prequel comic will be in stores this week ( of this past Wensday..~tOkK). It is a probable oversight on the Diamond ship list. One thing we know for certian, though, is that the April one I wrote WILL be in stores on Wednesday. I hope you all dig it. It's my favorite of all of them.

Emerald City Comic Con was a really good experience. The promoters did a great job making us feel welcome, and we sold almost all of the TMNT prints we had that were exclusive to the show. The cooled part for me, though, was meeting Jim Lawson, TMNT artist extrodinaire, and getting him to do a Karai sketch for me. .. .. .. "

- As i suspected..another TMNT beachtowel !! Sportin' Tooned-up Turtle movie graphiXX!! Also a lower price than the standard beachtowel. This 29" x 58" towel is about $5.99 compared to the first one that retails at about $10 or more.

TMNT - beachtowel ii

- Thanks to Hero for the UK news !! :: "Fast Forward has now started to air in the UK on CITV (Sky Channel 624) weekday mornings at 9.25am.

An unexpected turnup considering I was previously informed that Fast Forward would air in September. This could also mean that later episodes might air in the UK first as with Transformers Cyberton when it was introduced on CITV with a weekday instead of weekly run.

The episode "Headlock Prime" will air tommorrow. "

- Dan Berger's Official TMNT site Imperative news bits..::

Danny B. ::"We apologize for the severe lag the site is experiencing of late - we're getting tons more visitors than ever before and it's really taxing our server."

-- The Donatello cold cast statue has sold out - we have 10 Raphaels left and more of Mike and Leo. Click (**here).. ordering info.

-- **(Click)Posted the preview for Tales of the TMNT #32.

-- **(Click) Posted the previews for the TMNT Movie Prequel comics.

-- Jeff sent in the following info:

The current Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series began airing in Japan on 3/26/2007, under the title "Mutant Turtles". (**Click)According to TV Tokyo's site it airs weekly, Monday evenings at 6:00 on TV Tokyo.

-- (**Click) Updated the Books of the Future page with Tales of the TMNT #37 and Raphael: Bad Moon Rising #2.

.. more l8r,G8ters.. !! .. >v<

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