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.. troddin' off into the sunset n' trails end of the end trails of a hard week.. lesee what's left of the news we got before the coyotes start howlin' o'er the cold Desert Turtle plain..n' before the bacon n' bean pizza freezes up !! ::

Official TMNT news is usually a good place to start ; Dan Berger ..::
"he new TMNT movie is discussed in the premiere issue of Rocket via an interview with film producer Tom Gray. Rocket is a brand new bi-monthly magazine that covers the crossover between movies, games, anime and comics. Rocket is published by the makers of Play magazine and the debut features a TMNT blurb on the cover (see below) and five pages of coverage inside. The mag should be available at major retailers throughout the U.S."

Ya them turtles make m'head spin n' set a Ghost Riders heart afire..!!


-Colin sent in the following about the TMNT movie voice cast (we're trying to get a confirmed cast list from Imagi now that info and rumors are leaking):

Just a heads up, we may now know who will be doing the voices of Leonardo and Michelangelo.

James Arnold Taylor, from "Drawn Together" and "Star Wars Clone Wars", is doing Leonardo. It's listed as one of his credits in his resume. As for Mikey, he's being voiced by a voice actor named Mikey Kelley. On his web site there's an audio collage of all the voices he's done, and Michelangelo is one of them.

Here's the links...



Also, there are rumors of Donatello being played by Quinton Flynn, and Raph being voiced by Tino Insana.

((side note:: Mikey just passed this along ::
"I saw this today, but I'm not 100% sure it's correct:


Mako (I) (passed away July 21, 06) /Master Splinter

James A. Taylor/ Leonardo

Tino Insana /Raphael

Mikey Kelley /Michelangelo

Quinton Flynn (originally Casey ~t.)/ Donatello

(( **Quinton has a popular Myspace page.. CLICK here if you would like to Friend him !! ~tOkK ))

Sarah Michelle /Gellar April O'Neil

Chris Evans /Casey Jones

Ziyi Zhang /Karai

Patrick Stewart /Max Winters

Kevin Smith /Greasy Chef

Kevin Michael Richardson/ General Aquila"))


-"Karen sent in this confirmed info:

I recently saw the Klaus Badelt, the great composer of "Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl" will be composing the music for the 2007 TMNT movie. This goes along with the interviews I've read about the movie makers attempting to create a recognizable theme for our favorite Turtles. Just thought I'd give a "heads-up" if it hadn't yet been reported."

- Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) for Episode #96, "The Trouble With Augie" (**Click here)

..more later .. the scorpions are tryin' to keep warm in m'spikes !! OUCH !! **~~

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