Saturday, January 20, 2007

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- Thanks 4 U.K news from my buddy ;Tookie ::

"...Argos! the new argos catalogue just came out today, and here's the page of TMNTs! i dunno if theyre actually on sale yet, as i picked it up at work, but least we are finally getting them!

..#20 looks cool, 3DVDs, which include "TMNT the movie plus 6 episodes from the popular TV series..." ! for £9.99 - bargain!"

-Thanks to James for nabbin' this from Diamond..::

"This month's Previews had a description for Giant TMNT PEZ dispensers:


..They should be out sometime in March."

- Our friend Leo also chimes in with this in on the New TMNT console game ..

.."take these,the new pix from PS2 and PC .. " (**Click here for a new caps gallery from the game !! Hopefully Wii pix are due soon !!)

-- Offical Turtle stats .. ::

Dan Berger :

** We just received copies of Tales of the TMNT - The Collected Books Volume Two from the printer, so it should be in comic shops soon.

**Updated the Books of the Future page with info about "Tales of the TMNT" #34.

A bunch of folks have sent in voice cast info for the new TMNT movie - we're still waiting to get a confirmed cast from Imagi, but since so many people are sending in the same list, I figured I'd post it in case some of you haven't seen it (just remember that this list has not been confirmed by Imagi yet, although it has turned up in various media sources):

Master Splinter - Mako

April O'Neil - Sarah Michelle Gellar

Casey Jones - Chris Evans

Karai - Ziyi Zhang

Max Winters - Patrick Stewart

Greasy Diner Chef - Kevin Smith

General Aguila - Kevin Michael Richardson

Leonardo: James Arnold Taylor

Raphael: Nolan North

Donatello: Mitchell Whitfield (** !! ~tOkK)

Michelangelo: Mikey Kelly

-Brian R. Bennett sent in the following:

I found this issue of PLAY magazine (January 2007) and thought it was good art. Thought it was a nice thing to have our boys in green on there. Then I got to thinkin' and strolling down memory lane and went digging through my turtle archives and pulled out this issue of Gamepro which also featured the turtles. What a good comparison shot, huh? 1990 Turtles to 2007 Turtles. Pretty different. Anyways, thought other fans would think this is interesting. Enjoy.

**Click for the 'Play' Magazine cover..

**Click for the classic 'Game Pro' cover..

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