Tuesday, January 09, 2007

-->> Movie notes and thanks to Nacho,LIZ, & Roseangelo ::

"TMNT is currently featured on the front page of Yahoo's movie section - Yay!

Thanks to mibu_roshi for the tip, TMNT is also on the front of IMDB today:

Roseangelo :

Word is that the boards there are full of trolls, though. :p

Also, if anyone with a MySpace (**click )page wants to spread the love, add tmnt_2007 as a friend.

I've got lots of pics of movie-related merchandise and other general news in my personal LJ if anyone's interested in more."

- NON-SPOLIER ..and general public images of the 'NEW' variety appear in this tip from Nacho ::

**Comic Book Resources NEW 'TMNT' image gallery collection.. (**Click here..)

- Video note from Cyn !!::



.... a neat five minute tv interview from Hong Kong, and I like seeing how they do stuff.

** http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsEWzNvohEc

It's in one of the Chinese langs-- Cantonese or Mandarin, I'm not sure which-- but he is talking about the projects at Imagi, and there are a few story boards that come up from the movie-- and a clip or two of basic animation, and some other movies they're working on. It's really neat!"

- Official Turtle site news of note n' quips ta'quote from Dan Berger !! ::

Important NYC Comic-con Note ::

"You may have noticed the new banner on the home page regarding the New York Comic Con - just to clarify in larger type - Michael Dooney, Jim Lawson, Steve Lavigne and Eric Talbot are definitely planning on being there - tables and hotel rooms are booked, so barring any unforeseen catastrophes - they will be. Steve Murphy is going to try to make it at least one day. Peter Laird and I are very tentative - the ultimate decision will not be made about our attending the show until the last minute, based on our schedules at that time. Michael, Jim, Steve and Eric look forward to meeting with everyone and hopefully the rest of us can make the trip as well - but please do not make a special trip to the show just to meet Peter, as there is a good chance that he won't be able to make it." - D.Berger

Toy notes & sitings .. ::

David Syczylo sent in the following info and image regarding the individually packaged movie figs (we don't have these yet):

Hello. Just wanted to give a heads up to all the TMNT fans out there. This morning I made a stop in at Wal-Mart (Indianapolis, IN) and to my surprise I found eight of the new TMNT movie figures. On the pegs were: Leo, Mike, Don, Raph, Splinter, Casey Jones, April, and Foot Soldier for $7.83 each.

WIth Toys-R-Us with the mini pack and weapons and now Wal-Mart Mart with figures I think the TMNT movie line will be easy to find at retail.

HeebyGB wrote:

I just ran over to Target on a break from work and found the following:

All four Turtles
Foot Ninja
Raph in biker gear with motorcycle
The play tower
The Cowabunga Carl Van
Raph and Leo each packaged with a General
All four of the Big Mouth Talkin' Turtles
and all four of the Turtles that you wind up and they run or what not.

I found Mikey with his General at Walmart.

((..a number of retailers are getting these as well as Target,TRU & Wal-mart.. reports that even Albertson's Supermarkets are receiving some TMNT movie merch- .. tOkK himself has obtained a few of the baisic figs,the Generals, the Monster Tower, Roleplay sets, and a Big Mouth Don ..!! Keep lookin' ..if 'TMNT' movie stuff is not in your neck of the woods.. it'll be there very soon !! ~tOkK )

TMNT Video Game notes ::

The S sent in the following info:

"Just to let you guys know, the newest issue of the video game/anime magazine "Play" (January 2007) has the new TMNT game as a cover story. I suggest all TMNT fans purchase this issue and send the magazine feedback regarding the article; hopefully it can generate a bit of buzz regarding the game and movie."

"Another video game magazine is showcasing the TMNT; this time it's my personal favorite, Tips & Tricks. The February issue (#144) has an article not only on the new movie and game, but on the Fast Forward DVD, and classic TMNT games."

Danny B. also has updated the TMNT toys page with images from the new movie line of toys ..and the stuff they've received so far at Mirage HQ ..**Click here !!

..dark tidings once again plague tOkKa's lil' Junkyard world so it's rather tough to deal with stuff this month. Bare with me Mikey's News gurus and t2z Krews.. as i try to keep up on top of everything and updates. It's very hard when so much bad stuff is happening. And don't get upset if i pimp and cross-post t2z updates here. Thanks.. .. >v<

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