Monday, August 07, 2006

..pickin' up the peices from the real big CONVENTION..n' catchin up upon tOkKa's bumpy..((mainly spikey)) return to Colorado. tOkKie knew tho' ..soon as he saw the Rockies..that his troubles were about to PEAK. Things got real goofy roun' here. O' well what else is new but the news !? ..lotsa gaps to fill and ground to cover as tOkKa gathers up the bits n' bites of cow-pie n' turtle new-turds..ya just been waitin' to munch on !! Ya master o' prickle-disaster is back ,WHhoooaaa..Mikey !! Part one of our recaps ..n' fill-in-the-gaps begins now !! >8p ::

FFFast FORWARD kind..please RRRrrewind !!

-- ..countin' off tips from my 'Target' informant n' SLASH ..(we shall neither confirm nor deny they are one & the same or nothin) ..Torbin Zixx,the baisic FF vehicles (" That Hyper Shell was $20..And the Hover Craft Base was $50.."-Slash),FF TMNTs,Triple Strike TMNTs,Sterling,Cody,FF Splinter,Baxter-bot,Mutated Don (a.k.a. Gamera-Don),Baisic TMNT figs including the last batches of Paleo Patrol Toys n' figs..are still standing on the pegs, are just now bein' shipped out to every corner of the nation n' soon globe hopefully. FF Villians are due real soon. The only missing baisic it seems is "The Purple Dragon" (Johnny) ..stay tuned n' keep checking the merging mixes on the pegs. As TMNT shifts into Fast Forward product..hopefully some P.Dragons will be makin' to the stores !!

-- Now ok,kidd-ohs ..i gotta ton of notes here n' that have ben gatherin' trail dust here in' tOkKie's saddle pack past couple weeks so let's take a look ..::

--..Note from Mikey (the boss 'round these here parts).."Final Fu is on MTV2. The host/referee is the kid from the second Ninja Turtles movie -- Keno (Ernie Reyes, Jr.). He also did the stunts for Donatello in the first and second movies."

~Ernie's new show has an official site startin' here **Click Click!!

-- From Dierna (thanks, babs!!)

Hey guys,

Friend of mine did a rip of the new theme song.. I've

put it on Rapid Share for all to download:

-- Kevin Eastman & Julies' Strain's new son Ben was born during last month's big Comic-con..

Checkout the sweet baby gallery here on Heavy Metal* cute

* Remember this is an adult content site. Links outside of the baby gallery may and WILL contain content that may not be suitable for sensitive people or those under 18!!

-- From fellow Turtle artist Diego Jourdan

..Hi Everybody!

As you can see here:

...there'll be 5 Tales trade paperbacks coming, and all 5 feature wrap-around "animated style" cover illos by yours truly (the first of which you can see below)!

Very Happy Don't miss em!

--Diego also wishes to share his photo-gallery from the recent Heroes-con !! .. @

From Dan Berger ::

..IMPORTANT NEWS REGARDING THE TMNT VOLUME FOUR COMIC BOOK: Unfortunately due to Peter Laird having to devote a tremendous amount of time to the TMNT movie project, we are forced to put the book on hiatus for eight months, which will give Peter time to complete his obligations to the film studio and afford him the opportunity to get the book back on schedule. "Tales of the TMNT" and the trade paperbacks collecting "Tales" will not be affected and will continue on their normal release schedule. The first collected book for "Tales" will be out in October. Here's the schedule for the collected Tales releases:

Book One - October, 2006 - Stories told by Don (Tales 1 10 16 18 26) Book Two - January, 2007 - Blind Leo story (Tales 5 the Blind Sight four issue mini-series) Book Three - April, 2007 - Miscellaneous issues written by Murphy (Tales #20 24 25 28 30) Book Four - June, 2007 - Mystic Shark story (Tales #3 4 13 14 33)

..2 b continued .. >v<

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