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-- ..from sweetheart, Dierna ::

- Toy News International has new images up of upcomingfigures. I am SOO getting Viral. The Inwuashi Gunginlooks awesome as well. @

-Check it out... the first 4 images on this site is thecover art for the TPB's of Tales of the TMNT vol. 2 that'll be coming out starting in October. Note how the art is of the 2K3 Turtles: (..there's also some sample work there from Diego's upcoming TMNT- 4 film related projects !! ~tOkK )

-News Flash: The Lost Season is available thru Comcasts On Demand
Cable service!! The first ep aired yesterday! It's
simply known as TMNT: Ninja Tribunal.


The 1st 5 min of the first ep "Lap of the Gods" is
available on their website! OMG! So fraking awesome!

In the ep the turtles and humans are given medalions.
These medalions have their totum animals in it. Their
spirit totums.

They have to awaken their spirit totums and eventually
they will merge with em! Leonardo is the first to
awaken his...a WAAYYY cool Dragon! :D

Go here to see it: Unlike the TMNT Anime "Superman Legend" where they
gained the powers of the Constelations/Greek
Myths...these totums appear to be based more on the
Chinese Zodiac.

-- ..nutty notes from Nacho ..::

Nacho has cool back to back interviews with..again.. 'Tales' artist: DIEGO JOURDAN & TMNT inker/colourist: DARIO BRIZUELA. ::

-- interview en EspaƱol **Click

-- English translation of interview **Click ..

-"Turtles... and pepsi cola! " ..@ (?!)

- ..".. trailer them of the turtles but with something different, they fan changed the original sound by the song of intro of the old one animated. "

-- Finally.. to round-out the news n' notes.. let's take a look at the fine print from past few weeks at the official TMNT d0t com ya may have missed..n' ones i think are important to recap.. ::

- Posted the short synopsis for the Fast Forward "Home Invasion" episode.

(..more info on the COMCAST showing of 'Ninja Tribunal' ..~tOkK)

MasterMime154 sent in the following info:

"If you have Comcast digital cable you can watch the 'Lost Season' (the one that starts off where season four left off with the Ninja Tribunal story line) via Video On Demand. Don't trust the episode info on there, it's wrong. Just start from the top of the list and you will be fine."

For more info, check this link: Comcast web site

This throws a real monkey wrench into the Episode Guide listing for the series - so expect it to change over the next few weeks or months. "Fast Forward" may stay listed as Season Five, if so, I'll add "The Lost Season - Ninja Tribunal" in between Season Four and Season Five. Or "Ninja Tribunal" may wind up being listed as Season Five if Comcast airs all 13 episodes of "Ninja Tribunal" before "Fast Forward" begins in September - even though folks without Comcast VOD (like me) can't see it - ack, this is giving me a headache! I also have to verify with Mirage and 4Kids how they want the two seasons officially labeled. The numbering I'm currently using will probably change to reflect the original intended airing order (or airing order, whatever the case may be). What a sticky wicket TV can be!

- J.P. sent in the following link (note that they got the release date of the film wrong at the end of the article):

- Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) for Episode #90 "All Hallows Thieves".

- SimonPhoenix11 sent in the following link featuring an interview with TMNT movie producer Thomas Gray:

- Added a bunch of Fast Forward action figure links to the Toys page.

- Milo sent in the following link with more movie info:

- SimonPhoenix11 sent in the following link with more movie info (a trend is developing):

- A group of fans are organizing a write-in campaign to get New Line Cinema to release a box set of the original TMNT movies with lots of bonus features, click the following link to get involved: Buslady's forum

- The TMNT are appearing on Radio Disney's "Feeling Groovy" mall tour. Below are the tentative dates - show times run from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM - here's the scoop:

Feelin’ Groovy Tour (Radio Disney) runs through September 16th. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are teaming up with Radio Disney for a gigantic mall tour, where fans can come meet the Turtles. Two of the four Turtles will be on hand at the Imagination Station to help all the Ninja fans feel good about themselves. The Turtles will help kids explore exciting new activities to keep fit.
- TV monitors with DVD players will show a looped reel of clips from TMNT Fast Forward
- Mini-Mag giveaway (250,000 copies)
- Raffle every hour with TMNT goody bags and toys as prizes
- Wal*Mart electronics on display and advertised in the Mini-Mag


Saturday, August 19th

Pittsburg, PA – South Hills Village
New York, NY – Jefferson Valley Mall
Wichita, KS – Towne East Square
Houston, TX – Houston Galleria
Atlanta, GA – Town Center at Cobb
Denver, CO – Aurora Mall

Sunday, August 20th

Boston, MA – Square One Mall
Pittsburg, PA – Ross Park
New York, NY – Westchester Mall
Wichita, KS – Towne West Square

Saturday, August 26th

Boston, MA – Square One Mall
Indianapolis, IN – Greenwood Park Mall
New York, NY – Livingston Mall
Seattle, WA – Tacoma Mall
Richmond, VA – Virginia Center Commons
West Palm, FL – Boynton Beach Mall

Sunday, August 27th

Boston, MA – NorthShore Mall
New York, NY – Ocean County Mall
Kansas City, MO – Independence Center

Saturday, September 9th

Boston, MA – Solomon Pond
Indianapolis, IN – Castleton Square Mall
Philadelphia, PA – Granite Run Mall
Albuquerque, NM – Cottonwood Mall
Norfolk, VA – Chesapeake Square
Miami, FL – Coral Square

Sunday, September 10th

Boston, MA – Auburn Shopping Center
Philadelphia, PA – Oxford Valley Mall
Cleveland, OH – Richmond Town Square
Miami, FL – Dadeland Mall

Saturday, September 16th

Hartford, CT – Crystal Mall
Providence, RI – Emerald Square Mall
Philadelphia, PA – Montgomery Mall
Cleveland, OH – Great Lakes Mall
Charlotte, NC – Haywood Mall
Miami, FL – Miami International

- turtleguy556 sent in the following link featuring interview clips with TMNT movie director Kevin Munroe and producer Tom Gray:

- Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) for Episode #88, "Dragons Rising"

- Marcos sent in another tid bit on the upcoming TMNT film:

- Posted the preview for Tales of Leonardo: Blind Sight #2

Tons of people have sent in the following links - thanks everyone!


- To check out news about the movie that was given out at this year's San Diego Comic-Con International, go here:

(..more postings and pix of the TMNT- Sneek Peak are in there as well..~tOkK)

- And finally, Virtual Wenrog spotted this link about Ubisoft's upcoming video game based on the film:

Missed the special TMNT (movie 4)-SneakPeek..from last month's Comic-con ??

Don't worry !! tOkKie has it posted on Krib ..just for you non-CON attendees and Turtle fans!! Click here*..

4 this special peek into the Turtle's big sreen CGI Return ..posted just for you from terrible2z & Mikey's TMNT !!

-- The 'Round-up' has proven to be a successful & practical way to release TMNT info much as i can from all sorts off official and unofficial sources .. people keep sending kind notes about the all the random and cool gathering of info. I really appreciate all the kind support n' kudos ,you guys !! You help make it all worth while..and many of you help make it all work !! Report any TMNT leads to me tOkKa or Mikey .. for kudos back n' a lollipop !! 8D !!

..thinks are heating up again for tOkKie.. and i will continue with Mike's & Nitro's help to post news as often as i can ..and when i see it.. but the Round-up may be standard for at least awhile.. s'long for now !! >v<

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