Thursday, May 18, 2006


t2z is Mikey's siamese-twin sister site.. tOkK makes it a rule to not pimp t2z here unless it's TMNT or comic related.. that bein' said ,snapper fans..

..the April showers tried to sweep tOkKie away .. but yir snapper pal arises from his would-be watery grave to some May flowers and an all new tOkKa / TMNT illustration and whole new story..

..aliens,abduction,different dimensions and tOkKa as you've never seen him before !!

'tOkKa- Whu-man CHEW' ..**~ Starts by clickin' here !!..

..ok,hope you'll enjoy !! I got another TMNT Roundup comin' up here in a bit so stay tooned !! !!


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