Monday, May 08, 2006

-->> ..OK, Our Round up has a reported early vid-release and a buncha other goodies so sweeet it's enuff' to make a douggie bust a let's get crackin' ..

..4-Kids TMNT video releases are real strange anymore.. and so are the dates.. scheduled to ship on May 16..Cyn reports that TMNT 3.7 - ' Hun on the Run' is already showing up in advance at some Best Buy stores. Ya may wanna check it out at your local B.B. if you really wanna get in on the FUN with HUN !! ::

"Hun is a man on a mission. In order to save himself he must first save the Shredder's daughter, Karai, from the clutches of the mysterious Bishop, a black ops agent with an even blacker heart. However, unknown to Hun, brilliant mad genius Baxter Stockman, seeking revenge on Hun, anonymously clues the Turtles into Huns plans, hopefully sabotaging the mission so that neither Hun nor Karai will come back alive. This action-packed TMNT DVD also features Mikey defending his BattleNexus championship, an alien invasion that's not what it appears to be, the hero known only as Nobody, and the Ruse of the Purple Dragons. "

"Hun on the Run, Nobody's Fool, Grudge Match, Dragons Rising, Wing and a Prayer, and Aliens Among Us.." round out the 6 episodes on the disk.. mix and match.. as usual the continulity of the eps is all screwed up. But it's been this way for awhile now on the releases as of recent. Hopefully all of Season three and fours eps will be out on disc at some point just short of hijacking some torrents.. UUGGH !! >8p

--..from 'Previews' MAY '06.. these 2 issues and 'Tales Silver special with PETER LAIRD cover are due out in July !!

-- Checkin in with the Mirage peeps at the official TMNT d0t com.. ::

- ** Tentative Playmates TMNT toy release schedule for the rest of the year starts here (~~**Click) !!

- Mr.Berger : "Several folks have sent in info regarding season sets of the current cartoon being released in Australia. From what I've heard, the sets are only being released in Australia at this time because sales for the individual DVDs have been the strongest there. You can search for the sets at

Jorhan W sent in the following info about the toy releases in Canada:

"I work at Toys R Us and had the chance to visit the Toys R Us Canada toy fair in Markham, ONT. I spoke with the fellows from Spinmaster/Playmates and asked them several questions that have been bugging me about the TMNT figure releases in Canada. Regarding the basic 5" figure assortment, Toys R Us Canada has only recieved figures from 2003/2004 (my search of various other stores over the last couple of years turned up the same assortment of figures). The Paleo Patrol line is due out at anytime now. We have gotten in some boxes of 2005 figures (General Blanque, Gen), which are still new for here. The only Paleo Patrol figure I've seen thus far in stores is the Dino Runner Triceratops w/ Raph. I asked about previous figures being re-released in the 'refreshed' packaging that the USA was treated to and they said that those figures would be on the way, too (so maybe we'll see some of the 2004-2005 figues we missed the first time). As far as the 'Fast Forward' figures go, they said our schedule will again fall behind the US schedule and we won't see them for a while. So some good news, some not so good news (if you're impatient like me!). Feel free to pass this info along to the other Canadian fans!"

Steven Gray wrote in to say that he contacted Imagi and they told hm that they will be posting the movie trailer on their site "sometime this summer" .. ".

- Mr.B's 'giant scanning project' for the Turtles' site appears to be the entire 'TMNT Vol.1 #2'.. comic.. now available for reading by everyone online !! The Turtles first encounter with the devious 'Baxter Stockman' and his army of evil Rat Traps .. the infamous :'Mousers' the Turtles from their home and into the lab of the villianous madman !! It also drives them into the sight of the very lovely lab assistant : April O'Neil !!

Catch the now landmark classic by readin' after followin' the jump after this link (**~~ CLICK HERE !! )

..that's it er now, buckeroodle-doos.. i'll be sure t'stay on top of things as soon as i get my beak outta my arse (y'now..ya go around sniffin' for Turtle news like the news hound ya am..well,gee..sometime i go sniffin' up the wrong tree n' turns out it's a real angry bull and - - ok..maybe more n' ya need to know ..) !! STAY TOONED !!


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