Thursday, May 25, 2006

-->> It's hard work on that musty Turtle trail. Turtle Cowboys get few rewards ('cept for the occasional snakebite)..and lotsa dust blows in on my baked-bean pizza. Still it's a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it !!::

..and Quarry makes 3 !!

-- Quarry figs have apperantly been shipping with the recent stretchy 'SHELLASTIC TMNTs'. Here's hopin' we don't have another "GEN" on our hands and that you guys can round out your Monsters From the Underground. I was only able to find the one Quarry and that was a week ago. Nothin' scince. Don't give up..have patience and hopefully more Monsters will be in the future mixes !! Cross yir claws !!

--From Dierna.. ::Lloyd Goldfine on why we won't ever get Insane In The Membrane :'s official...Insane In The Membrane didn't
get passed the FOX sensors:

TMNT cartoon series producer Lloyd Goldfine sent in
the following info regarding why the episode "Insane
in the Membrane" did not air on 4Kids TV in the USA
(it has aired in Australia and a few other countries):

"The final edited and mixed version of the notorious
'Insane in the Membrane' was deemed unsuitable for air
by Fox Broadcast Standards and Practices. Apparently,
in between the time the episode was written,
storyboarded, animated and edited (all stages approved
by Fox BS&P), and the time the show was mixed for air,
there was a change of personnel in the Fox BS&P
offices, and no one involved in the original approvals
was still employed at Fox. Upon seeing the episode,
they were said to be 'horrified' and that there was no
way they could air the episode. I'm not sure I
disagree with them - had there been BS&P comments
earlier in the process, we certainly would have
handled the show differently. But as it was approved
at every stage, we went full steam ahead. In the end,
I was told it was bad judgment on my part... so there
you have it.

I believe this episode will eventually be available,
but plans have not been finalized."

- Lloyd

-- case ya missed it.. Media artwork for TMNT- FAST FORWARD ..the next big TMNT incarnation was released on the official TMNT last Friday :: **CLICK HERE FOR THE GALLERY !!

-- Also ..Mr.Berger has some new Desktop pix for your comp featuring the new F.F. Art..**Click here !!

-- Thanks to A.M. for a little paraphrased tid-bit on the upcoming TMNT 4 movie:: ..the Foot Clan are in the movie but are being controlled by a third party (!! ??)

..back on the trail..back soon, pardners.. GIDDAP, Pepperoni.. (i named my pony ..'Pepperoni'..)


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