Tuesday, May 02, 2006

-->> ..the Turtle buckin' chutes are full throttle set to pop open n' unleash update !! Tho' last week gave tOkKa alotta bull ..we'll try to giveyou the turtle-skinny n' go in leaner than the ol' grey mare. Yep i'm back in the saddle once again !!
Lesee what we got for this round-up !! :: ..

..from Dierna ,we have a great suggestion for the delay on the 'Ninja Tribuna;' saga !! :..

" There is now a petition online to air the Ninja
Tribunal saga first instead of Fast Forward. Please
sign it! "..

Maybe 4Kids will listen to the fans !! I signed .. You should too,Prickle-pals (**Click here to sign~~) !!

-- TMNT 27 preview (**Click here..) Battle Nexus,killer Kitties.. Mikey eatin' monsters, and Muscles n' more ..book is out this week !! !!

..hey ,Shredder..chew on this !! ( Mmm ..tastes like turtle arse !!

-- .."Wacky bubble gum with images you can eat !!"

..works for me.. from 'FLIX' in your candy isles !!

-- This ::T::MNT mobile one slipped past me last month !! Soon to be Turtles galore n' wireless on yir phone !! :: 4Kids Inks TMNT - mobile Deal (**Click here to read more..!!) ..

..well back on the rusty, dusty trail, pard'ners til next time !! tOkKie's gotta lotta dougiez to catch n' alotta bellies to scratch..(ya know how them mule-steers enjoy a good tummy rubbin' !!) .. good thing i gotta lotta Turtle Picture gum fer th' long haul !! Yeepyeep.. GIT GIT !!

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