Saturday, December 24, 2005

..Brand new official holiday Greetin's !!

-->> ..Let's start out the Holiday weekend with a round up of all the Krispy Kringly Snowman-Sewer stuff and Tinsle Turtle Tidings .. get a peek at some new things for stockings in 2006 !! All at the sleigh-bell source.. the offical TMNT d0t com & Mr.Berger !!.. ::

--"Posted pix of

-Shell Kickers Don..(**click here!!)

-Shell Kickers Leo..(**click !!)

-Shell Kickers Mike ..(**click !!)

-..and Shell Kickers Raph..(**click !!)

--..pix of **Don's Bo Blaster..

**Leo's Katana Thrower..

** Mike's Nunchaku Chucker..

** and Raph's Sai Slinger.

--..Josh Rotunda sent in box text and pix for..

** Undercover Michaelangelo (1994) ..

and the Auto-Mutations from 1993:

**Night Ninja Don..

**Night Ninja Leo..

**Night Ninja Mike..

**Night Ninja Raph..

**Night Ninja Bebop..

**and Night Ninja Rocksteady.

-- Mirage is also continuing to pimp those sweet TMNT statues..!!

**Limited Edition Cold Cast Donatello

**Limited Edition Cold Cast Raphael

**Limited Edition Cold Cast Michelangelo

**Limited Edition Cold Cast Leonardo

..ONE DAY til' X-MAS ..(hope yours isn't a mess )!!


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