Sunday, October 30, 2005


-->> ..The tricks and treats are on the way. And if you have yet to carve a face on your favourite pumpkin..'Zombie Pumpkins' has more face carvin' ideas..ranging from all your fav' pop-culture heroes and villians like Mr.Incredible,Herman Munster,Shrek,Nemo,Rockettes and the punkiest pumpkins to make face of pre-pie squash.

What i'm trying to this place has some of the most wonderful Jack-o-lantern patterns i've ever seen !! Snoopy,Linus,Sally,Goulies & Ghosties alike can groove to these great pun'kins !!

There also happens to be a grinnin' Turtle Teen-stencil pokin' his glowin' beak !!

For a real small donation.. you can join Zombie Pumpkins and download n' print the cool pop-pals..**Starting here ..

***and the Turtle-O-Lantern stencil is printable here !!

It's worth it for hard core TMNT-Halloween fans for pumpkins on your fright night that are truly smashing !!

Happy hauntin' n' candy huntin' ..,tOkKie-toadies !! I really like your alligator snapper costumes !!


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