Thursday, October 27, 2005's tOkKa's Auntie Pearl in her mornin' facial mask !! We're doomed !!

Ghoul Hunters (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)#6
by by J-P Chanda, and awsome illustrations from the slick wrist of the wondeful Patrick Spaziante ..them's groovie ghosties,buster !!

"The Turtles are furious! A shrieking ghoul has been scaring people and robbing valuables from banks, stores, and museums -- and the mayor wants to cancel Halloween! No one messes with the Turtles' favorite holiday, so they decide to find out what's really going on. Can they get to the bottom of this mystery in time?"
*..the latest from the TMNT's Ready-to-read is at your favourite book stop right now !!

-- Mr.B's official TMNT comic previews are here for **TMNT #24 and **Tales.. #16]

--From my pal A.M. :
"Read the new interview with Gary Carlson, writer of
all 23 issues of the Image Comics' Volume 3 of
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," here**

- Andrew"

-- ** Nice tips from Cjj and T-drome's forums A classic Turtle baddie : Savanti Romero ..finally gets the Plastic make over.. **check out his first ever toy here !!

Action-figure d0t com's entire TMNT Toy Fair photo-album is **here ..

..dino-pals,tricera-vehicles,new stretch powers and Splinter in a Flinstone Toga.. the TMNT's are pullin' out all the cave-man stops to kick Savanti in the Jurassic..( meh..ok..that was bad..i think my mornin' coffee was fossilized..)..

it' all relative..

..we'll have a grey ol time !!

..ok.. n.m.


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