Thursday, October 13, 2005

..who ya think taught Michelangelo to kick so low !?

-->> The bulk of updates come from the main man mister,Mr.B & his TMNT let's cet crackin' here,kids ..::

--The original TMNT toon ..season 3 info starts here ..(due out December 6) !!

-- Super Sexy and Mint on Card.. Karai .. (*startin' here ..)..
and every kids' dream (and contest winner).. the mishapen Minnetonka Mutant (**starts here!!)..!!

-- Two of the Turtle Teens are hittin' the road for some warm November hijinx at the Arizona State Fair with special character visits and fun.. (* Nov.14-16, check here for details ..)!!

-- 4Kids TV Frightmare month ..contests and info courtesy of Leonardo 15 (*article starts here ..big prizes n' fun ..checkit' out !!..)!!

--..a new newspaper ad campaign across the nation targeting 'READING & Literacy' features popular characters enjoying the local paper.. guess the TMNT enjoy the times just as much as any other Looney Toon !! Look for it in your local paper soon (*Click here for a sample of the ad !!)

-- **Click here for pix and info on the first (?!) of the TMNT Ornaments from Hallmark i provided Mr.B .. at most Hallmark stores and Hallmark license retailors (Mervyn's California,Walgreeens,Longs Drug, ect. ..)


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