Friday, October 21, 2005

..either the mousers are gettin' bigger.. or the Turtles are shrinking again ..

-->> ..Bigger Mousers,bigger Battles,Bigger Challenges,one of the biggest Shredder's the Turtles have ever faced,Bishop,four times the Turtle players, and "TURTLES IN TIME" ..TMNT 3 : Mutant Nightmare is nearin'..

..the past couple Turtle outings and games based on the newer Toon got trashed so bad by critics who refused to open their minds to a slightly more differant game play'd think TMNT 1 & 2 were worse than 'Super Hitler Bros.'..

-team Xbox gives yet another quick peek **starting here.. of the Turtle's worst dream ..and what may be an overall great game ..

..and whatcha know is gonna be one of many reviews that may go a billion differant ways.

TMNT 1 & 2 ..aren't bad games.. let's hope the third outing is even better !!
..guess we'll find out next month !!

- ** T-drome is back !!


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