Monday, June 13, 2005


Mikey's TMNT is a fun and crazy place ..doing our best to provide a cool and safe place for Ninja Turtle talk,fandom,artwork,multi-media, and fun from all walks o'life.
This in from the main man Mikey QM, tho' ::

"The bulk of the site is the forum database ..

The account is past due for renewal, as I don't have enough money in paypal to give my payment NOR have I been able to change my payment options from paypal to a debit card. It's a mess.

So, even though I don't want to, I'm going to start asking for donations.

If anyone is interested, you can donate to .." my personal experience..Mikey's TMNT has been a major source of community and friendship. Alot of the growth i've had..not just as a TMNT fan but as a person has been incredible & in some cases crucial for my survival. And on lighter notes it's just a fun alternative to sqwak,get TMNT news, and chit-chat with fellow creators,writers,artists and weirdos. A real grassroots website imperfect and goofy as it can get..we couldn't have continued without our friends.And even tOkKa here has to bite the bullet andthank you all so much..for this labour of love !!

You guy's help keep this place alive ..and i don't know how Mikey or me could have done it without your support.

Your donations help keep us goin' and are always appreciated..but we're kind of in a bind here. I know money is so crazy tight nowadays.. but even a dollar or two helps put us tword our $90 goal. We're lookin' to out pals to help us out (tOkK's gonna try to muster up some cash to 'shell' out as well).

Please consider donating ..and thanks from the bottom of our hearts !!


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