Tuesday, April 29, 2008

N Y CITY COMIC CON // NECA OVERHEAD  [[ Courtesy of Steve Murphy ]]

N Y C C - TMNT Exclusive set ..Second Chance !!

Via Steve Murphy ::

".. There are 12 sets available. I guess the way to do this is for everyone who is interested in purchasing one NYCC exclusive NECA set (limit one per person) to email me at fanmail@ninjaturtles.com. Please address your subject line as "5TH TURTLE NYCC NECA CONTEST." I will accept those emails until Wednesday April 30 4PM EST. I will then print them all out, mix 'em up, and randomly chose 12. I will then contact each winner on Monday, May 5 with payment details. I'll ship anywhere in the world but take no responsibility for orders placed outside North America. In your email be sure to include your snail-mail address.

Oh, and I will only accept PayPal.

The cost is the same as if you purchased the set at NYCC: $50. US. Plus shipping. I will ship via UPS Ground within the US. International shipping costs and delivery methods will be worked out with those international winners.

Thank you and good luck"

.. >v<

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